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        Welcome to Kuang Yi Machinery & Trading Sdn Bhd

        Kuang Yi Machinery & Trading Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 1993, is a dynamic and fast-growing company that specializes in the sales of new and used equipment as well as the rental of industrial and construction machinery. Our company is located in Johor Bahru (JB), Johor. We supply products such as excavator, mini excavator, fork grapple, crusher, forklift, plate compactor, air breaker, air compressor, generator, bar cutter & bender, concrete mixer, vibration roller, etc. Our specialty has enhanced our position as the one-stop reconditioning, sales and rental centre for equipment and machinery in the region.

        AIR COMPRESSOR 42 products
        CONCRETE MIXER 4 products
        EXCAVATOR 92 products
        FORK LIFT 3 products
        GENERATOR SET 35 products
        MILLER 3 products
        PLATE COMPACTOR 1 products
        product 1 products
        PROJECT 12 products
        ROLLER 3 products
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